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Cardiometabolic Medicine


What is Cardiometabolic Medicine?

Cardiometabolic medicine is an integrated approach to chronic disease prevention and treatment. Recent advances in our understanding of these diseases, as well as breakthroughs in pharmacologic therapies, have enabled us to more comprehensively treat obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, and certain liver and kidney conditions. Rather than treating each disease process as a separate and isolated condition, the cardiometabolic medicine perspective sees many of these conditions as interrelated and attempts to address the core underlying disease processes.



What does a cardiometabolic visit look like?  And what if I don’t have all of these conditions?

Visits are like a typical doctor appointment, but will be focused on your and your physician’s areas of concern. For some patients, that will mean a focus on options for weight loss. For others, it may be testing to see why your heart disease developed early, and whether family members should be tested for certain conditions. Patients who have heart and kidney diseases may be looking for treatment options to help protect the heart and kidneys as much as possible. We will focus the visit on you and your physician’s priorities.


Is this a replacement for my endocrinologist or primary care physician?

No — we work in concert with your primary care physician, endocrinologist, cardiologist, nephrologist and others to review your history and consider treatment options that you may be interested in exploring. We do not replace any of these critical team-members.
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