Our History

Hamilton Cardiology Associates’ Founding partners: The doctors from left to right Jay Patel, Mahmoud Ghusson and Ron Ryder.

Hamilton Cardiology Associates’ History

Hamilton Cardiology Associates is a full-service cardiology practice that has been servicing Mercer County and its surrounding areas for over 20 years.  The success and longevity of Hamilton Cardiology Associates’ originated from the vision of its founding partners, lead by Dr Mahmoud Ghusson.

In 1987, Dr Ghusson completed his cardiology fellowship at Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia and joined the staff at RWJUH Hamilton. Over the next decade, he developed his craft and started his own private practice.

In 1995, he was joined by Dr Ron Ryder and later Dr Ilya Genin and Dr Jay Patel to form the core of Hamilton Cardiology Associates. With dedication and a strong work ethic, what began as a small boutique cardiology practice expanded into the dynamic corporation that exists today.