New Patient Information

Welcome to Hamilton Cardiology!

This section is designed to help ensure that your first visit with our practice proceeds as smoothly as possible. If you have already been seen in our office for an appointment with one of our cardiologists, you do not need to complete this section. You should already have a Patient Portal Account. If you do not, please call our office and we can send you another email invitation.

You may have received an email invitation to sign up to create an account with our Patient Portal. Doing so will allow you to complete the registration process at home and save you some time one the day of your first appointment in our office. If you did not receive an email invitation, please go to our Patient Portal Information section to send a request.

Once you accept our email invitation and create a Patient Portal Account, you can log in at any time prior to your appointment date and get a head start on the registration process.

Follow these easy steps:
After you log in to your account, go to the Forms section of the Portal, click on Start Forms next to the New Patient Health History Questionnaire.

1. Create a Patient Portal username & password from our email invitation
2. Go to our web site: www.Hamilton Cardiology












3. Select Patient Portal / Portal Log In





4. Enter your username & password









5. Select the Forms tab








6. Select Start Form







7. Form will open in a different screen










8. Complete form

What to Bring to your Appointment:

• Insurance Cards
Insurance plan benefits, eligibility and billing addresses change frequently. In order to ensure proper billing and to verify that the information stored within our system is correct, we require that you present your insurance card at each office visit. Checking your insurance card only takes a minute and it can ensure accurate and timely billing. According to Hamilton Cardiology Associates policy, our office staff is directed to ask for this information and may be unable to proceed with your check-in without it. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this process as it is our goal to make your check-in as smooth as possible. If you have any concerns or comments with this policy, you can contact us through our patient portal.

• Medication List: including name, dose and frequency of medications, or you may being the medication bottles instead.

Please do not assume your referring provider will send us a copy of your medication list. And even if you elect to complete your health history form on line, we still want to verify your medication list at the time of your appointment. So before you leave the house for your appointment, remember to bring your list, or better yet, bring the medication bottles themselves!
• Referral if your insurance requires one
• Co-pay if your insurance requires one
• Photo ID
• Any relevant Medical Records (Recent Blood Work, Hospital Records or your Complete Medical Records if you are coming from another Cardiology Practice)

What to Expect During the Visit

All new patients must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with the cardiologist. During that time, you will complete the registration process and your medical history will be obtained or verified. It is important to arrive early, even if you complete some of the information via our Patient Portal, so as to avoid any delays in your visit with the doctor.

After registration, you will sit in the waiting room until it is time for you to be escorted into an exam room by a medical assistant. Along the way to the exam room, you will stop and have your weight checked. Once inside the exam room, the medical assistant will obtain your vital signs will perform an Electrocardiogram (EKG). It will be necessary to have access to the skin on your arms, legs and chest area for these tests, so we suggest that you dress in loose layers. If you are a male patient it may be necessary to shave any area where there is hair in order to get an appropriate EKG tracing. If you prefer, you may do this at home within at least 24 hours prior to your test.






At any point in the registration process, you may be interviewed by a Nurse who will either obtain your medical history via interview or review the information that you had entered via the Patient Portal prior to your appointment. If you brought any medical records with you, they will also be reviewed and prepared for your Provider at that time.

After your medical information is collected and verified, you will be ready to see the Cardiologist.

Please note these important office policies

• Patients, who arrive without a referral or co-pay, will not be seen.
• If you arrive after your appointment time we will not be able to see you and will need to reschedule your appointment.
• If you need to reschedule your appointment, please provide us with 24 hours notice, to avoid a no show fee of $50.